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How a warming climate may make winter tornadoes stronger

Wildfire smoke may ramp up toxic ozone production in cities

Here’s the chemistry behind marijuana’s skunky scent

An Arctic hare traveled at least 388 kilometers in a record-breaking journey


Trumpeter Swans Rebound in Arkansas

Tiny bird, epic journey

Altitudinal Migration

You’re Going the Wrong Way!

Indigo Bunting, Master Stargazer

Migrations: BirdCast

Migrations: Can Birds “See” Magnetic Fields?

Migrations: Veeries Predict Hurricanes

Songbirds Flock to Urban Greenspaces

A Whimbrel’s Wayward Journey

Pine Siskin Irruption

Which Came First, North- or South-bound Migration?

Migration Takes Guts — Until It Doesn’t

The Triumphant Comeback of the Aleutian Cackling Goose

Watching Seabirds Summer at the Lake

Migrations: Watching Migration from the Empire State Building

Migrations: Molt Migration


Nature Podcast: Tongan volcano eruption leaves scientists with unanswered questions (starts at 00:46 Understanding the Tongan eruption)

When are masks most useful? COVID cases offer hints

Mammoth’s epic travels preserved in tusk

Nature Podcast: The researcher that critiqued his whole career on Twitter (starts at 14:25 Self Criticism)

Black scientist network celebrates successes — but calls for more support

Massive science-funding bill passes US Senate — but China focus worries researchers

‘It’s a minefield’: COVID vaccine safety poses unique communication challenge

Psychedelic drugs without the trip? This sensor could help seek them out

Biden pursues giant boost for science spending

Coronapod: How to define rare COVID vaccine side effects

Why is it so hard to investigate the rare side effects of COVID vaccines?

CRISPR-based gene therapy dampens pain in mice

Scientists want virtual meetings to stay after the COVID pandemic

COVID vaccines and safety: what the research says

Neanderthal-like ‘mini-brains’ created in lab with CRISPR


Organic Chemistry Taught Me to Fully Inhabit My Mixed Identities

Me, My Father, and Our Pills

Soft Robots Taught Me How to Be Strong

How I Tricked Myself Into Thinking I’d Be Better off as Dirt

Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN)

Hispanic and Latino chemists you should know about

What is infant formula, and how can scientists make it more like human milk?

Chemistry that delighted us in 2020

Ozone regulations benefit birds

What are chemical signs of life beyond Earth?

Ice sheets mobilize trace elements

Turkey troubles and cantankerous crustaceans

A network of cubes opens the door for new COF chemistry

Career Ladder: Sibrina Collins

Genetic mutation makes fermented fish less stinky

RNA switches can detect iron

How whiteflies defuse mustard oil bombs

Volatile soil molecules entice ants to nest

Computational model uncovers possible prebiotic syntheses

Podcast: Black chemists discuss strategies for dismantling systemic racism in science

Crystal structure shows LSD bound to its receptor

Phosphine detected in the clouds of Venus

Parasite eavesdrops on host to reproduce

Chemist Nancy Goroff is moving from research to policy

Animal lovers battle on social media and a newly named rock star

Tying knots in a molecular string

Ainissa Ramirez discusses how society and technology interact

Shipwrecks host diverse microbial communities

Microscopic robot takes first steps

New hydrogel electrodes sense eye motion comfortably

A small molecule in the gut could explain bariatric surgery’s anti-diabetic effects

Dragonfly larvae serve as biosentinels for mercury pollution

Strong, self-healing soft robots

A new polymer keeps its strength with added degradability

Hafnium isotopes reveal origin of ancient Roman glass

Ultrablack skin camouflages deep sea fish

Selenium helps synthetic melanin prevent radiation damage

How uromodulin protein prevents urinary tract infections

Chemical gradients revealed in human tooth enamel

Childhood obesity linked to indoor air pollution

Grappling with the Decision to Leave Grad School

UC Santa Cruz Science Notes

The birds, the bees, and spiraling family trees

KQED Public Radio

VIDEO: Flight of the Cal Falcons

KQED Science–Black Birders Week

MAP: See Which Bay Area Nursing Homes and Long-term Care Facilities Have Had Coronavirus Outbreaks

Escape From Coronavirus Frustration With Animal Webcams

Cheat the Coronavirus This Weekend: Bay Area City Nature Challenge a Great Activity Even Indoors

Earth Day 2020 Is Live and Online (And In Your Backyard)

Coronavirus: Here’s how to use gloves to help prevent infection

KQED Science–How to use gloves to help prevent infection

Here Are the Public Health Orders and Recommendations for Each Bay Area County

Union says 124 hospital workers sent home because of UC Davis coronavirus patient

Oh, snap! Hear the big noise tiny shrimp make in the ocean

KQED Science–Tiny crustaceans make quite a ruckus

Environmentalists to California restaurants: Drop lawsuit over Berkeley gas ban

KSQD Public Radio

Canta y No Llores: A Phone Call with Abuelito

KSQD–Canta y no llores

Why I want a haircut

KSQD–Why I want a haircut

The San Jose Mercury News

The decline of hunting in California

Foreboding signs for Monterey Bay sea lions

From the Fall 2019 AGU Meeting

Atmospheric rivers have different “flavors”

Wildfire residue may contribute to climate change


Protecting living corals could help defend the Great Barrier Reef from ocean acidification for decades

Good Times Santa Cruz

The birds and the bees of Santa Cruz (second story about birds)

The Monterey Herald:

Seaside high school students to run Repair Cafe next week

Finding the perfect tree might be a little bit more difficult this year in Monterey

Thanksgiving dinner in Monterey brings community together

Monterey Naval Postgraduate School scientists looking for answers in the ice

Local schools battling vaping dangers

A sampling of Steinbeck on Cannery Row Saturday

Visions of clear skies with Monterey Bay Half Marathon on the horizon

Salinas woman lends a helping hand to refugees

Flexibility the name of the education game at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s new Bechtel Center

Local students tackle global challenges at Model UN event

National Steinbeck Center in Salinas: Not quite by the book

CSUMB to celebrate 25th anniversary with weekend events

Program helps educate the educators at MPUSD

Chemistry in Australia

Art of the Periodic Table

UC San Diego Division of Physical Sciences

Hardwiring computers for human-brain efficiency

Science, Engineering Students Prepare for Careers in Industry

UC San Diego Health Communications

Why Humans Get Diarrhea and Other Mammals Don’t

A New Study Sheds Light on Research Trends in Pediatric Gastroenterology

Over the Counter: Avoiding Errors at the Pharmacy

Swimming with Heart