Guest Appearances


My fave queer chemist (6/10/2021): “Pride Summer Panel #1: LGBTQ+ in SciComm / SciPol”

NPR’s Short Wave (6/29/2021): “Organic Chemistry Helped Me Embrace My Identities”


STEM Job Talk (11/17/2020): Q&A with Science Communicator Ariana Remmel

BirdNote (October 2021): Unraveling the Mysteries of Migration


So Say We All (July 2018): “On mucus, and becoming a scientist”

So Say We All (January 2019): “Becoming Hermione: A personal story about magic, science, and my dad”

So Say We All (June 2019): “On quitting grad school (and how Burning Man helped)”


2020 Diversity Summer Fellow with the National Association of Science Writers (NASW)